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The home straight & finishing touches.

Production Tables

Our production tables are where the magic happens.  Having these dedicated areas to process your work allows us to handle every variation and challenge.


Manning these tables are our very experienced colleagues.  From here they process the vast majority of our unmechanised work.  Here are just some of the processes and finishing work we do:

Matching In|Hand Folding|Hand Enclosing| Promotional Box Packing| Creasing|Delegate Bag Packing| Perforating|Gift Wrapping|  

Sticky Dotting| Labelling| Collating| Nesting....the list goes on.

Pick & Pack

We have varying options for our Pick & Pack services these include but are not limited to:

Storage|Pick & Pack|Bulk Delivery|

Gift Wrap|Personalisation|Stock Control

With a flexible storage facility we can store your products, then pick them on demand, package them to your requirements and mail them out to meet your deadline.

Whether you items need to be delivered in bulk or sent out individually we will find the right service for you.

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